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301 5th Ave. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 • ph#. 360-357-4755 • hours: 10-8 mon - sat • 12-6 sundays

Movie Rentals

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We carry a deep and varied selection of independent films from the United States, Europe, Asia, UK, and Middle East, as well as popular titles. We also carry the latest TV series, documentaries, children’s movies, and animation. Come on in and check it out!

Our search engine for rentals is currently unavailable. If you’re interested in finding out if we have a particular title, please call us at 357-4755.

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There are two ways to rent movies:

Prepaid rental packages
If you anticipate renting with any regularity, we highly recommend buying a prepaid rental package. Help support our video department and save money at the same time! (With a prepaid package, you’ll pay less than half of the individual rental rate, per movie.) Purchase 12 credits (rentals) for $19, 30 credits for $45, or 60 for $85. These rental credits never expire and can be used to pay down late fees (simply deduct one rental credit and it pays $3 worth of late fees). Rental times are the same for package-buyers and individual renters: 2 days for new release movies, 7 days for everything else.

Individual rental rates
All rentals are $3.99 per movie. New releases are for 2 days; all other releases are for 7 days. We have to charge a 50 cent fee for credit card purchases under $5.

Return times
Movies are due by 6 p.m. on the due date.

Late fees
$1.00 per day for new releases, $0.50 per day for old movies. Prepaid package holders can pay their late fees using rental credits: 1 credit can be used to pay $3 in late fees.

How to start an account: