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301 5th Ave. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 • ph#. 360-357-4755 • hours: 10-8 mon - sat • 12-6 sundays


We carry new and used turntables, as well as new cartridges and needles, record cleaning solutions, sleeves, and more.

IMPORTANT! We are always looking to buy used turntables, but contrary to what you may have heard, WE DO NOT REPAIR TURNTABLES. If you haven’t used your table in years, or just got one and it is acting funny, we can give you advice and sometimes help with easy things like cartridge/stylus replacement and some other simple, common issues, but you must speak to James or Adam about your problem. Our phone number is (360) 357-4755.

Please DO NOT BRING YOUR TURNTABLE to the store unless either James or Adam have asked you to do so. Also, you may not leave your turntable with us! We only give advice about problems when James or Adam are in, and they will only look at your table if they have talked to you about your issue first. If your turntable is broken, we will not fix it, but we can refer you to someone else who might.

A few items we regularly carry:

Stanton T.60 DJ turntable

Direct drive professional DJ turntable, 33/45 RPM with pitch control. Comes with Stanton 500.v3 cartridge and cloth dustcover.

Numark PT-01 portable turntable

A solid entry-level turntable, with plenty of output and power options (battery or wallwart), decent sound, and affordable replacement styli. Good for both casual home listening and record digging.

Grado Prestige Gold cartridge

A great, relatively affordable audiophile-level cartridge.

American Audio TT headshell

A standard mount headshell that fits most turntables.

Shure SS35C stylus

Stylus which fits the Shure SC35C.

Shure SC35C Standard cartridge

An affordable workhorse DJ/scratching cartridge, but a bit harder on your records than the M44G.

Shure M44G Club/Party cartridge

A professional DJ/scratching needle.

Grado Prestige Black cartridge

A solid cartridge, a bit quieter than the Shure N92E but more refined. Available in both P- and standard mount versions.

Shure N92E stylus

Stylus which fits the Shure M92E cartridge.

Shure M92E cartridge

Our most affordable, baseline cartridge, fits both P- and standard mounts (adapter included). Takes the N92E stylus, which we also carry.

Discwasher D4 record cleaning kit

Cleaning kit includes cleaning pad, cleaning solution, and mini dust brush.

Groovy record cleaner

Cleaning solution for cleaning your dusty records in a handy spray bottle. Available in both 8- and 16-ounce sizes.